BC of the Day #3: The places you’ll go ! Poonam Pandey does it finally !

11 years ago Books And A Lot More 4

Yes, Poonam Pandey has finally stripped after threatening (yes, that’s the right word) to do so since India won the World Cup.

Here’s the news article.

Toh, ek BC of the Day, Poonam Pandey ke liye, toh bantaa hai, boss !

‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’

-Dr. Seuss

I do not have a problem with women wearing (or not wearing) whatever they want or doing whatever they want with their sexuality. But what Poonam Pandey did propagates the objectification of women, as if Bollywood wasn’t enough? No, I do not care about the ‘moral’ aspect of it. One has the right to live their lives they want to. But I just wish that girls wouldn’t become so desperate to make it big in this industry and resort to such tactics. What happened to women actually using their brains instead of their bodies? But wait, who cares ? We are all busy downloading that picture of Poonam Pandey.

P.S. This is ironic because it’s a children’s book.