BC of the Day #7: Anonymous Hacktivists

11 years ago Shaili Desai 3


“Beware the 9th of June, we take back what is ours”



Already, some 500 people have agreed to participate in the non-violent protest against Internet curbs in Hyderabad. Support for protests in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata, is also gaining momentum. The numbers are increasing while I write this. The global movement against curbs on Internet freedom is finally here.

And about time. Copyright and what crosses the line is a big grey area. Is there anything on the Internet that is original today? Marketing today thrives on users sharing content. ‘Kolaveri Di’ is a perfect example of marketing through social media. It is actually ironic that certain file sharing websites were blocked by some ISPs due to a Chennai HC order in favor of the producers of the Tamil movie ‘3’. It is the same movie whose marketing strategy (thanks to videos of Kolaveri Di that went viral) has garnered lot of awards.

I understand copyright issues. But blocking the whole site for one movie ? How is that fair ? Are Internet users really free  to decide what they want to do on the internet ?


Original Book Cover: The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas