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May Wrap up

Monthly Wrap up – May 2013 !

This Post is inspired by Harley Bear Book Blog. 🙂

Thanks to the Metro and the two hours in which I daily commute to work, I have been able to finish so many books this month! However, I am so tired after coming back that I am too exhausted to write a review. But wait, that does not mean I won’t post them. Next week will see LOT of reviews coming up on this website. But, here’s the wrap up for May!


Ernest Hemingway’s Key West Home (Pictures)

This probably means I need to post more often. 😛


Aerogrammes and other stories by Tania James


All the books I read in May 2013

All the books I read in May 2013

Tantra by Adi (Won in a giveaway on GoodReads ! 😀 ) (Updated: Review)

Boats on Land by Janice Pariat (Updated: Review)

The Walled City by Esther David

Yours Sarcastically by Sandeep Das

The Mysterious Mr. Jacob by John Zubrzycki (Updated: Review)


  • I joined a FMCG company in a Sales and Marketing role.
  • Milked a cow.
  • Saw a five winged ceiling fan (Well, I have never seen one before)
  • Saw butter, cheese, chocolate being made. 😀

Now, I have a short sales stint where I roam around Delhi as part of my training at my new work place and I see lots of quaint things like a luggage shop selling ice cream, among other things. But that probably deserves another post. 😀

Ernest Hemingway’s Key West Home (PICTURES)

As per an article by Huffington Post, it’s been sixty years since Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (Old Man and the Sea). I was reading this and other stuff on Hemingway on the internet and tweeting at the same time when one of my friends tells me he has been to Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. Now, I have always been a Hemingway fan since the time my Uncle gifted me a set of books by Hemingway which included ‘Farewell to Arms’, ‘For whom the bell tolls’, his short stories and ‘The Sun also rises’. His novel ‘For whom the bell tolls’ moved me, especially the character of  Pilar.

Visiting his home is a dream for me. I have imagined doing so since I finished reading ‘The Hemingway Adventure’ by Michael Palin and so when Priyank told me he’d been there, I had to get him to share the pictures! And of course, since I care so much about you all, I had to share them here on this blog. 😛

Here are the pictures !

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This page seems to have more information on Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. Also, please thank my friend, Priyank for sharing the pictures! 🙂

Book Review- Aerogrammes and other stories by Tania James

I’ve had a massive realization. I’ve realized that I have finished a LOT of books while travelling in trains. And now, add one more to the list. I finished Aerogrammes and other stories by Tania James while travelling between Valsad and Anand on the Gujarat Express. There was a particularly chatty middle aged person sitting next to me but I resisted all his attempts to make me talk to him and finished the book like a good girl. 🙂

Book Cover

Book Cover

And what did I think about the book?

I have always liked short stories. Most of them always manage to be profound even though they don’t use so many words. Similar is the case with this book. The stories are inherently profound, but leave it up to the reader to understand the different layers in the characters. Living abroad is a major theme in all the stories and the author quite provides a different perspective. For a change, I was glad to not find  stories of alienation and the Desi/Not Desi turmoil that is so much a part of most books written by authors with similar backgrounds(Since not every book turns out to be as good as The Namesake). But there is alienation in the stories, but it’s not the same. It’s also about loss and how distances separate people. I particularly liked the first story ‘Lion and Panther in London’ (The cover seemed to be such a big mystery to me, until I saw the title of the first story) and the story of ‘Ethnic Ken’.

All in all, it’s a book that’s not very heavy on your mind but they are profound and very well written. And you create your own meaning from each story. Tania James has piqued my interest in her with this book. I am tempted to read her first book, ‘The Atlas of Unknowns’ now. Does somebody have a copy? 🙂

PS Have you seen her picture? She’s also very good looking. 🙂

Note: Copy of the book provided by Random House.