Top news this week – Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and The Bone Season Series

It was quite a week for fantasy lovers this week as we saw news from popular fantasy authors and publishers about  upcoming books!

George R R Martin released an excerpt from his upcoming book ‘The Winds of Winter’, the next book in The Song of Ice and Fire Series, of which Game of Thrones was the first book. You can read the excerpt here, on his blog. Random House also has an iphone/ipad app, which serves as a guide to Game of Thrones and contains the excerpt.


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In other news, Bloomsbury is releasing new editions of all the books in the Harry Potter series. These editions have brand new artwork, by award winning artist Jonny Duddle. The release is set for September 1st, 2014. Rush to join the countdown here!


Image Source: Bloomsbury Twitter Page

To read an interview with Jonny Duddle regarding illustrating for the Harry Potter series, click here.

Also, Bloomsbury released the cover of ‘The Mime Order’, the next book in The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon. The Bone Season marked Shannon’s entry into the world of literature last year and it soon rode up the New York Times Best seller List. The Mime Order will release this year, tentatively in October, 2014. You can also read my review of The Bone Season and an interview with Samantha Shannon before its release.

Here’s the cover of ‘The Mime Order’ !


Image Source: Bloomsbury Twitter Page

Are you excited about these books and waiting anxiously for their release ? Do leave a comment!

Book Review: Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman

In this book, Neil Gaiman has selected some of his favorite stories featuring monsters and beasts. Most of these beats exist only in myth or folk lore and some, only in our minds. These stories have been selected by best selling author Neil Gaiman, with stories by noted authors in the collection like E Nesbit and Saki.


The stories have been carefully chosen. The stories are subtly political, commenting on the present times. I felt as if each ‘monster’ in the story was a metaphor for different emotions in our lives. Sometimes they destroy us, sometimes they liberate us. Each reader would interpret the stories in their own particular way and that is what makes this book enjoyable. My favorite stories were The smile on her face by Nalo Hopkinson and Come Lady Death by Peter S Beagle.

If you are a fan of the short story genre, you shouldn’t miss this book. Also, proceedings go towards the non profit literacy organization called 826DC.

About the book: Unnatural Creatures – Stories chosen by Neil Gaiman | Bloomsbury Publishing | Fiction | 462 Pages. 

Note: This book was provided for review by the kind people at Bloomsbury Publishing.