Book Nook #2: 3L Library in Defence Colony Market, New Delhi

It’s been a pitiful state of affairs these past few weeks. I have been sad and discontented because of things not really going well on any front, especially work. I am still discontented but I am learning to take it better. I guess the pressure will always remain as long as this sales stint lasts. One just needs to not be too harsh on oneself especially when things aren’t in one’s control.

There are so many things that one sees and ponders about in the course of a day. A sales stint means that I travel across the breadth of the city of Delhi every single day of the week (except Sunday, thank god).  Auto wallahs have become both, my dearest friends and enemies.

A sales job, particularly in FMCG, can be grueling and extremely demotivating. You will get shouted upon by your boss, a purchase manager in a top hotel, the distributor or a random shop keeper during the course of the day. You may be lucky enough to not get kicked out by a disgruntled shop keeper. In all this, one needs to find a reason to smile everyday and motivate oneself before the start of each day.

A sales job will also quickly make you understand that having got a MBA degree from a good B school, does not entitle you with special privileges or benefits. Nothing comes easy in life. Probably, this is why they say that if you can do sales, you can do anything in life.

But there are also some advantages to being in sales. You get to see many places; places you never even knew existed. Having been assigned South Delhi as my territory, I have seen it all – the big intimidating bungalows in Panchsheel Enclave, the hip and happening Hauz Khaus Market, Nehru Place and its population of upwardly mobile white collared work force, the narrow lanes of Kilokari Village, the dusty roads of Jaitpur and the always choked street of Chattarpur Mandir. You get the experience the vibrations on the ground, the nation’s heart beat, especially before important political happenings in the country. I could feel the anger among people just before the Delhi Elections. You also come to know about different perspectives, a break from your own closeted thinking, being used to a specific view point as a product of your environment and upbringing.

And then, sometimes, you come across tiny gems, hidden away in places where you would least expect it. And so, here comes the second post in the Book Nook series.

This time, I feature the 3L Library in Defence Colony Market. I found it quite by accident when I was at the market for a sales call.

3L Library_defence colony
3L Library, 49, Defence Colony Market, New Delhi

It is located just behind Moets and is a place from where you can buy or rent second hand books. For renting, you need to get membership which is very easy, all you need to do is register your name and details and pay a deposit. There is a fixed amount of books that you can rent on each visit. You can also buy books instead of borrowing books. It also rents out movies and DVDs.

IMG_20131109_124348 IMG_20131109_124423

The place has a big collection of books, especially Mills and Boons. I just stood and stared at the familiar purple colour (the Mills and Boons branding) that I saw in 4-5 shelves.


Apart from that, there are many popular authors available. You will find a lot of mass paperbacks. However, there are also some classics here and there.

IMG_20131109_124436 3l Library

So, did you know about this place? Or have you tried out their services? Do you like reading about such places? Do leave a comment with your experiences.

You can also contribute to the Book Nook series by writing in to with the subject ‘Book Nook’ about your favorite reading spaces anywhere in the world (or in outer space, if you’ve been there 😛 )

Book Nook #1: Spell & Bound Bookshop & Cafe, New Delhi

“In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro.”
(Everywhere I have sought peace and not found it, except in a corner with a book.)

There are always places that make you feel comfortable and cozy, enough to encourage a person to read and quietly reflect upon myriad things in life. On a chance, it may lead to something special, with the person writing a line or two of verse, in honor of life and it’s various machinations.

One such place is the Spell & Bound Bookshop & Cafe in New Delhi. I stumbled on to this place when I was visiting the IIT Delhi Campus for work, last week. It’s a small book store and cafe in the market opposite the IIT Campus Main Gate.

Here are some pictures:

The store has books of every genre and recommendations on every shelf. Many recommendations were the same as ones I have read (or reviewed on this website) and liked. The food and beverages are also not very expensive. The beverages are served in very cute bottles and the food tastes quite nice. On the whole, it’s a quiet place where one can go and sit in a corner, check out a lot of books, read some and leave with a nice, satisfied feeling in the stomach.

Check it out sometime, if you are somewhere near the IIT campus. Or if you’ve gone there sometime, do leave a comment with your experience. 🙂

Also, I am starting a new feature called ‘Book Nook’, where I feature a particularly nice book store or  book cafe, periodically. If you’re a regular visitor at some really cool places, do send in your recommendations and they shall get featured on this website. 🙂