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When I just can’t stop spending money

People say that Mumbai is a crazy place to live in. The traffic and the morning rush will kill you. The city is choking and dying slowly, bit by bit. Not to forget, it’s always smelly. However, my visits to Mumbai have always been refreshing. There are few places left where you can roam around, without being afraid. I have never felt afraid in Mumbai.

So yes, I went to Mumbai not so recently. Met friends – old and new, celebrated birthdays, ate good food (always the highlight of any trip) and did some bonding with my sister.

The one thing I never miss out on, in Mumbai, is going to Flora Fountain. Here’s what I bought in this trip.

1. BLINDNESS by Jose Saramago


Blindness has been written by award winning Portuguese author Jose Saramago, known for the controversial book ‘The Gospel According to Jesus Christ’. In his books, Saramago loves to throw people into catastrophic situations and write about how they behave in such a setting.

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Erica Jong is most famous for her book ‘Fear of Flying’ which became controversial for its frank attitude towards female sexuality. She coined the term ‘Zip-less fuck‘, in her book which has become an important part of second wave feminism.

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3. WHITE TEETH by Zadie Smith


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White Teeth is Zadie Smith’s first book which she finished writing whilst in Cambridge, at an age of 22. Here’s an interview with her, talking about it.

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“Be your own kind of beautiful’, said Marilyn. That thought is inspirational to millions of girls on this planet. Having always been piqued by her short life, I picked up this book when I found it.

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5. MOTHERS & SONS by Sarat Chandra Chatterji


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Mothers & Sons is a collection of five short stories by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, most famous for writing Devdas, one of the most celebrated novels in Indian Literature and an inspiration for countless film, TV and theatre adaptations.

 6. THE GROUCHO LETTERS by Groucho Marx

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Groucho Marx was one of the most celebrated comedians in American History. His trademark eyeglasses, fake eyebrows and moustaches and quick wit gave him cult-like status. This book is a collection of his letters to different people.

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I just can’t stop spending money on books, but then, who is complaining ?! 😛

Second Hand Book Finds #1

17 Problems only book lovers will understand seems to have gone viral in social media. I am not surprised, since it’s so TRUE, as most of you would agree! And the 17th problem is that you can never have TOO MANY BOOKS! With so many books still sitting on my table, waiting to be read, I still had to get myself some more books that I couldn’t resist buying when I chanced upon these series of second hand book stalls in Saket, thanks to one of my market visits (I love my job :-P)! Find below some photos of the place and my second hand book finds!

IMG_20130827_155727 IMG_20130827_155738 IMG_20130827_155923

This is near PVR Anupam, Saket in South Delhi, in case you want to check out the books.

This is what I bought:

Second hand books 1

Naomi Wolf, The Beauty MythThis book is an important voice for the third wave of the feminist movement.

Random fact about the book: In 2002, Harper Collins published a 10th anniversary commemorative edition of The Beauty Myth.

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John Irving, The Cider House Rules: The story is about a young doctor and explores the abortion debate. Yes, the movie starring Charlize Theron and Tobey Maguire is based on this book.

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Wilbur Smith, Eagle in the Sky: I generally prefer other books to the ones which have too much action but this is an attempt to ‘diversify’ my reading. 

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Catherine Coulter, The Scottish Bride: Oh well, let’s just say I was in the mood to read something like this. Sometimes, you are just not in any mood to read something heavy or read for the ‘beauty of language’.

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