Blood Red Sari by Ashok Banker

10 years ago Shaili Desai 1
(Update: Giveaway of this book is currently being hosted on this website. Do check it out here.) iam redit et (Translation: Now returns Justice) -Virgil This is how the book Blood Red Sari by Ashok Banker starts, being the first in the Kali Rising series. What follows is a power packed story of tremendously courageous Read More

What happens in my room !

11 years ago Shaili Desai 10
WHAT HAPPENS IN MY ROOM… There is a huge mountain of ice cream at one corner of the room. (No, it’s in boxes) No, there’s no chocolate, I don’t really like chocolate so much. I run around naked and there are crazy drunken orgies in my room regularly. BAZZINGA ! (As Sheldon Cooper would say, Read More