Jugni- A Poem for NaPoWriMo 2013 !

10 years ago Shaili Desai 0

I have never really fancied myself as a poet (okay, little bit, I have 😀 ) but since it’s National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo 2013) , I’ve decided to write a poem each day of April (I can try, at least!). I am no Maya Angelou or Sylvia Plath, but I guess it’s better to write than do nothing at all.

It kinda fits to start my poem writing efforts with one called ‘Jugni’. Here’s my poem but before it starts, I guess a little background information is important. According to Wikipedia

Jugni is an age-old narrative device used in Punjabi folk music and sung at Punjabi weddings in India, Pakistan, US, Canada, Australia and UK. The word literally means ‘Female Firefly’, in folk music it stands in for the poet-writer who uses Jugni as an innocent observer to make incisive, often humorous, sometimes sad but always touching observations. In spiritual poetry Jugni means the spirit of life, or essence of life.

However, I have not followed that narrative device as this poem was written by me after reading this article. Reading this would also help.


She wrote of Jugni

Staring at the

Waves splashing onto

The rocks at Marine Drive

While the clock struck midnight

She wrote of Jugni

Dancing on the floor

With Afrojack and Tiesto

While the men looked on

Some with interest

Some with disinterest

She wrote of Jugni

In her school uniform

And her socks folded

Down to her ankles

Her hair flying

As she rides a Bullet

She wrote of Jugni

Sun bathing at Kovalam

Shooting Pictures at Pushkar

Sitting quietly on Dal Lake

Singing in the streets of Shillong

So rich was her life-box

She wrote of Jugni

Dressed in black

Mourning and marching

With a candle in her hands,

A pain in her chest

And anger in her soul

She wrote of Jugni, yes,

But all she wrote were obituaries.


Hopefully, I will come up with more this month for NaPoWriMo. Would love to know how you interpret this poem! Please do leave a comment. 😀