Never say never

9 years ago Shaili Desai 4

It’s been a tough time. I think I am having a mid-20s crisis, if there’s anything like that. Probably it’s caused by having too many expectations of what life should be. Sometimes I think the MICA hangover still continues. Or maybe there is no cure for one.
Some of my batch mates would probably scoff at me and try to reaffirm the idea that they still lead cool lives and are doing exactly what they wanted to do. Or at least keep up the pretense on Facebook.
But then I wonder, has MICA spoiled me? I find it still absolutely impossible to move on. I still want to have the same freedom of thought, the optimism of there being a world outside which was just waiting for me to step out and be conquered and the same life style, which I now realize is not quite possible. What I miss most is the time I had to do nothing but what I like. The things I love doing. I now realize that the world is not conquerable. In fact it is stubborn and difficult, amazingly selfish and self absorbed. In effect, it doesn’t give a shit.
Much of what life keeps on bringing is beyond my control.
How do you deal with the world forcing you to make decisions which you are not ready for? It almost feels like slowly sinking into quick sand.
What’s the point that I am trying to make, you’d ask now, reaching the point where you see no sense in wasting time reading this?
I guess this is a way for apologizing to myself for having stopped doing what I love. I am sorry, books and a lot more, for ignoring you since some time. I am sorry but I am just finding it hard to focus right now. Have I fallen out of love with you?
No, my dear, never. I am on my way back. I hope you’d understand.

Over and out.

But no, wait! Since I have named this post after this fantabulous and *inspiring* song by JB, here’s a youtube video of the song ‘Never Say Never‘ (:blush:, don’t judge me) featuring Jaden Smith. You need to watch it for Jaden Smith, such a kickass kid he is!

Okay, now you can go back to doing something productive like stalking people (if you’re single) or putting up Honeymoon/Karvachauth pics (if you’re married) on facebook. Bye.